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Some updates!

In between Moves!
I was having issues with my previous host. I've since moved Valkyrie.nu to another location temporarily until I can find some new hosting. In the meantime, I'm sprucing a few things up and working on projects behind the scenes. A new domain layout (including a blog!) will be up once the new hosting arrangement is figured out. I'm waiting to hear back from bubble.nu before I make any decisions.

In The Fade Stuff
Currently, I'm working on a link check for the site. It'll probably be done this evening. The form does finally work as it should. Feel free to submit or edit your information.

- Redesign!
- Look for a better script or attempt to code a better one. Something that is a bit more automated, but also requires filtering.
- Shrine of the moment! Something that's on the site, but I'd like to do more with it.

Fade Link Check

Well, because I had to switch servers quite a lot and somehow, data was lost at some point and restored from really old databases... links had to be removed again! *dies* I'm sure there were some new links added to this list.

Several links here were also updated along the way. As always, if you see a site on this list that doesn't belong, let me know!

Thank you yeerk for helping out with this link check
here there be link checkCollapse )

Just as a note, there are NO Lulu shrines. :( There is only one Yuffie shrine now, and for some odd reason, when I kept trying to type "Yuffie" for this update, I found myself typing "Yiffie" o____O;;

Jan. 21st, 2010

So, I've been in revamp mode tonight, and I decided to just entirely revamp my Xenosaga shrines from head to toe. Seeing as I needed to do that recently with Purity. They're pretty much garbled messes of fangirlisims that were never completely finished.

Here's a preview of the new layout, which I have NO CLUE how I'm going to go about coding since I know right off the bat that half the "easy" methods I usually use will not work for this one. XD

Boyfriend has been playing The Sabotur lately, and I think some of the design elements has inspired me.

and btw, I'll be adding the rest of the people who submitted to in the fade tonight.


Small Update

Re-added the subdomain for In the Fade (yes, I will be adding everyone's recent submissions soon! Lots going on recently).

Fixed Power of Love, since the includes were pointing to addresses at the really old location.

Fixed the Official art gallery on Liberation. I just set up Lightbox to display the images since the old code I was using no longer works with whatever the most recent version of php is. Also, added some art from the Xeno Emissions artbooks. Need to fix the image galleries on POL in the same manner soon as well. But Ziggy needed an update.

Also, the fanlisting is somehow broke for that one ONLY. x_x So I have to manually approve people through phpmyadmin, which for some reason doesn't update the date on the fanlisting itself.

Small Updates

Nothing much new. I've been working on a lot of stuff in my spare time. Domain was down YET AGAIN, but it's back. In The Fade needs to have information re-added from last month. That'll be my project next week since I'm off for a few days in a row (amazingly)

Valkyrie.nu is affiliated with Dragonzord <3

Purity - is affiliated with Lilac. Fanlisting is back in action.

Some new projects are being worked on. Hopefully they'll be online soon!

Domain Update & ITF - Link Check

Domain Downtime
Valkyrie was down for about a week while I was going through a server move. Everything should be in working order now.

In The Fade: Link Check
Archive of previous Link Checks from old journal: right here

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As always, if you have moved and never updated your information, just resubmit your site. :)

New Domain, New Update Journal

Well, I have a new domain for my fansites: Valkyrie.nu. I'm still in the process of moving everything over. So it's bound to be a bit dusty and messy! I can't seem to get my layout situated properly. So if you're viewing it with a high resolution or IE, there's probably some problems. ;_; I'll have that fixed soon!

Enjoy everyone!